Company Overview

Hello Handyman, founded in early 2023, has experienced tremendous and stable growth since its inception. As a profitable business from day one, we are committed to safe and steady expansion. Our company is led by an owner with an extensive background in construction, spanning residential, high-profile commercial projects, large-scale prefabrication and we are now a licensed and insured building contractor focused on providing excellent customer service to those in our communities. Our goal is to build a team and a business that will dominate the region and become the prototype for future Hello Handyman franchising.

At Hello Handyman, we don’t sell a service or a finished project, what we are selling is the business itself, the customer experience. This concept is THE GAME we aim to master. We work on “the system” to produce a better product (aka. experience) for our customers. We compete on excellence, not the lowest price, and strive to be the best in the industry.

Join us in our journey if you believe in our company’s vision, have an open mind, and are eager to learn new skills. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.